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iVerbs is your virtual language mentor. Thousands of verbs from 5 different languages (and more being continuously added!) conjugated in the most the common tenses. Choose the languages you need and have them with you anytime - even offline.

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Absolutely essential and totally easy to use. Brilliant.
This app is so good! I am taking GCSE French and it has helped so much - particularly with my writing.
It does exactly what I need it to. It has a simple yet concise layout. It's a masterpiece of simplicity. Thank you! The only thing that could be better is adding more verbs.
I've used this app countless times to help me with my French work. It's easy to use and very reliable.
This app is one of the most helpful apps on my phone. As a student studying A Level French, this app is a God send!
Best French app yet!
It offers all the tenses of a verb that I could ever need to look up. It's easy to use and it's reliable. So thank you for creating it.
Great app, easy to use.